Apples again

Mystery Apples... These are what grows on the tree that came with this house that we were not even sure we could save it was so badly hacked the branches the first year there was one tiny little thin green branch out of what mostly looks like a dead stump, so after almost 5 years its starting to look like a real tree again and this is what the apples look like... they are a little soft and have a very slight tart tasted but not a strong tart taste like an granny smith too sweet for that. the skins kind of remind me of the ones Ive seen in the stores labeled "Rome" but, i haven't bought those so not sure if these are those or something else entirely...
so this year the tree did about 7 or 8 apples altogether.
Mystery apples
The red delicious tree is still going, most the apples are getting those bumps on the bottoms now and the colors getting redder.
Red Delicious Tree .09.19.09


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh they are gorgeous!!!!

Your photos are beautiful.

Karen said...

Great pics, Stacey! You're making me want a juicy crisp apple now!! We have a graphed apple tree in our backyard that will have six different varieties.....when it starts producing! :>