50 years (and two weeks ago...)

The 50 years ago part was on Sept. 12th 1959 Tim's Parents were married, so two weeks ago their kids were able to ( we have no idea how :) ) Pull off a secret anniversary party for them... They finally got the article up on the local papers website if you missed it in the print last Saturday... This was the card i made for them for their anniversary. funny true story on the way to meet Tim's parents for the very first time as a teen Tim was telling me things about his family ( since there was going to be a house full of them at once ) and said something off hand about oh you'll know if my mom is mad she throws cast iron skillets at my dad... and i cant tell you how afraid i was to meet them... I know i should have done something in gold and something with an 50 on it but, I also know his mama adores cute mice and would love this even better. its 5X7 in real life.
Now because the party was a "surprise" what i thought was she is gonna need a boat load of Thank-You notes for after... so this is a little something i put together, its an stationary box from the craft store with the a-2 sized cards standing on their sides you can get 100 of them into one of these boxes. (with envelopes and room for the postage to sit on top)
and this is a very bad photo of them... the gold bazzill paper shines, the neenah label die cut has a very faint copic grey line drawn along the edging of the embossing to help it POP. the S has some gelly glaze roll pen work over the top of the are you ready for this that ink color is not gold... its Ranger butterscotch? ( will have to check something like that ) Stamps are from Just Write Stampers and the monogram and gold layers are up on pop dots... and since this is the first time i am viewing these photos I'm thinking oh too bad you didn't keep one so you could have re-shot the single card better... and in today's mail i received one back thanking me for making them... so maybe tomorrow when its day light i will try it again.

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Jovita said...

Ah the mouse card is adorable, I'm sure his parents loved it. That was so kind of you to provide her with all the Thank You cards, you're such a sweet daughter in law. ;)