recent yard sale finds

Found this one and the stamp below last weekend. must have the other photos in the other computer will have to check and maybe edit later. this was 2.00 haven't looked through any old books yet to know what its name is.
this one was a dollar at the same yards sale as above.
we went to Friday yard sales this week since we closed the shop for the employees to have the day off for Independence day and found both of these floor length ott lights with bulbs working for 30.00 each ( score )
also found on friday (at a sale not listed in the paper was just down the street from my house) all of these stamps and that embossing powder for 6.00 (and yes some of those are PSX whoo!) she had more (mostly hero arts ones that are to me too small to color)
Grace my foot warmer (which isn't as big of a thrill when its high 80s low 90's outside) hahathere were actually a few on 4th of July this year so we hit them too found this metal letter wall rack holder for 3.50 at one.
and this grab bag at another for 3.50 :) lots of cool stuff in this.
left side grab bag snapshot.
right side snapshot. Also have picked up a boat load of books and will plug them into the good reads site eventually. The Tiles are now in the laundry room and grouted tonight the sealer goes on. I'm mostly done painting in the bath and laundry need to get the trim measured and cut so i can paint it and install. we have one more week of puppy sitting to go. most the shots i have taken of Daisy have not been very good ( shes a wiggle worm )


LindainNCtoo said...

You really do find some great yard sale finds in your area.

We just have "junk" at our area yard sales!!

Christi said...

Wow, you had some great finds! Looks like lots of fun stuff to play with!