not enough time in the day

another "new" older ramblin ted image from Penny Black with an Northwoods sentiment. Basic Grey PP, vintage lace, nestibilities label die.
this amazing card came to me as a thank-you from Razorbackfan, ( Thanks Christi) :) The other day J mentioned he was invited to becca's birthday tomorrow ( she will be 14) but, he has performance's and will not be able to attend and he "had-to" make her a card himself, and it had to be a card like i would make.... so he was totally thrilled to find out i had these whippersnapper images on hand and he colored its face in her favorite color (lime green) as he feels anything hanging like this should be on the verge of tossing its stomach contents... her favorite colors are yellow, lime green and black...
he is very impressed with this he very much wanted to make a card "just like you would do it mom" :)
and our peeps are peeps no longer, have them running around inside the coop now with the big chickens... ( cept the two meaner then dirt Rhode island reds) they are separated from the rest of the chickens now...
Tonight's the opening night of both of the plays J has parts in. and we still have Daisy (the lab puppy we are sitting) till tomorrow am. (tomorrow is gonna be a sad day) to see her get to go home, not sad totally because you know we will get to see her and she's going to a good home but I've become a little attached to the sweetie this whole time we've had her. went to yard sales this morning with Alice and found a neat yarn basket will shoot a photo some time. more later.

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LindainNCtoo said...

You have your hands full.

At least, your son made a card for her. Your talents are rubbing off on him. He did a great job!!!!

What plays is he in? I don't think that you mentioned that on your Blog.