Still in Love with Penny Black...

funny thing i tend to start these posts with "this one" well this image is actually Named "this one", so this one is Tim's v-day card. its 5X7 the center of the prima flowers is an vintage button. its 5X7 in real life.
This one came to me via the PIF threads and i tend to color the cute ones (at least one out of the envelope right off the bat, but Ive had this one colored a while and i no longer remember the details)
This ones called sending you love and since I'm seeing Alice this afternoon its safe to post haha.
This ones called hook line and sinker and came to me from Stampermom23boys ( Thanks Carrie!) its i potentially Tim's B-day card unless i come up with something i like better between now and then trying to get things done and organized before i have my ear done.
(which will be 3 days before his next birthday)
the hook up date will happen on St. Paddy's Day. :)
that's about it for now, may edit this later for details if i get questions...


Gvendalen said...

Oh! What a gorgeous cards!
I love them! Lovely images!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

These are all really wonderful. So cute. I really like these hedgie iamges and the cat is adorable. Is that Penny Black?