Pheasant hunting

Mug shots from this afternoon after the guys returned home from pheasant hunting. J is on his tippy toes in this one... J, Tim, Storm & Grace.
Grace is 10 months and a few days old in this shot... She is doing well never had another "seizure" we stopped her epilepsy pills months ago, she has all her own teeth in her mouth. and thinks she is "top dog"
Today J got his first "banded" birds... he's wearing the whistle with his bands and saying this over and over yeah dudes... and nodding his head real pleased with himself. this puts J at 7 birds so far this year including the 4 from the youth hunt at miller island and he's also had 2 ducks so far this season.


Pam's Pride said...

Wow, those pheasants are huge!! I am glad you do live next to me our I would be going *sniff sniff* hoping none of those were the pheasants I raised and let go!! ;)

Linda M. said...

Wow! What great hunting, Stacy.

Gracie has gotten so big.....glad that her health is doing so well.


Sharon said...

I dunno who looks happier -- the guys or the dogs!!!

Gracie's not the only one who's gotten big -- look at J!!!


Stampin' Meg said...

Look at those handsome huntin' labs! Oh your guys look pretty pleased too!