Happy Mail {more added} *Ü*

This one is from Amy (Scraphappy908) there are black strings wrapped around the scallops of that circle , hmm spirellie? style. neat
this one is from Susan (Peebsmama) :)
This one is from Alice and it was hard to catch the embossing on the flower petals but they are embossed...
This one is from June, the flowers are cut out and 3-d and sparkly in real life.
this one is from Michelle (Just Painting Around) the clothes on the line and the trees are three-d on this card...
This one's from Sue (Artyfarty) the flowers are blingy and sparkly in real life.
This one is from SCS a BRAK fairy named Tammy Miller...
This one says from Paula on the back. ( i donate used postage to a gal collecting them for ronald mcdonald house and i dont have the envelope to this one anymore. I cut off the postage and toss them) oops..
This card was done by Judy {Pianolady1026} @ SCS Thanks Judy!
This one was done by Linda Palmer @ SCS. Thanks Linda!
This one came to me from Stephanie sbs81 (scs) Thanks Stephanie!This one came to me from Imogene {MountainMom} @ SCS thanks Imogene. Luv that may arts too! :)
This one came to me from Bev {Triasimite} @ scs Thanks Bev! love how it opens!
This one came to me from Becky {Belledancr} @ scs Thanks Becky! thanks for the images too!
now this card came to me from Jan {Far North} Thanks Jan~
I have been study-ing that card each time i pick it up, love that background and all these supper cool goodies too!
This one came to me from Collette {heavensent} Thanks Collette!
This one came to me from Mary {sweetpea} @ SS (and today is Marys birthday! Happy birthday Mary and thanks so much!
This one came to me from Misti {Scrapperwannabe} Thanks so much!
This one came to me from Kitty, {Oregon Stamper} thanks so much the textures are just amazing! :)
This one came to me from LeighAnne {Leibetty} Thanks so much love these colors!
This one came to me from Tina Tacker {tackertwosome} Thanks so much Tina! love this mouse and the colors are fab!
now this card came to me out of the blue recently from Barbara_k33 as a thank-you for the welcome to the RAK group card i mailed her... now i don't know about you but, i have never received a thank-you card from someone before for this so, that is really touching and its such an intricately beautiful card! Thanks Barbara!
This one came to me from Kitty (Oregon Stamper) as a little thank-you rak. i thought wow this is a super neat idea. (card making kit for a card maker... mentally filing this one away) everything matches. :)
this is a closer look at Kitty's card. (aren't i lucky) :)
this one is an early birthday card from Sally (Firefly) in the stamp shack. this is just gorgeous Sally Thanks!
This one is also a birthday card. its from Joanie CCstampin12 in the stamp shack! its hard to see in this photo but those flowers are up on popdots and the centers are blingy and sparkly in real life. thanks Joanie! :)
now this one was really hard to photograph its from Joan Lakes lady in the stamp shack (i kept catching a glare from the glossy paper. it was stuffed with images to color inside yippee! :) thanks Joan!
Now this one came to me from Connie ScrappinIrish, which made me smile when i opened it. I must have been Connies assignment for the Birthday fairies inside RAK. what makes this funny is I was Connies mentor for wish rak. :) Connie, i have never seen this flavor of tea before either. thanks for sharing with me!
This one is from Lidia {midweststamper} in the stamp shack. I totally love that edge you cut on the bottom mat paper! the colors are so richly fall too! Thanks Lidia!!
Now this one came to me from Linda, and it was completely stuffed to the gills inside with cuttlebugged cardstock! :) it was really neat to get to see the ones i do not already have, *Sigh* there goes that wish list growing again. ;) Thanks Linda!!
Now this one came to me from Pookies for a thank you from her baby gift. haven't seen her online in ages. (new babies do that to people) :) and i cant remember if i posted this or not already.
I think i have had this one just as long as the card above. (and cant remember if i posted it or not yet either) but, it came to me from Alison. Thanks so much i love how happy that dog is sniffing the flower and the way you did the ribbon vertical up the card. that is very cool to me! :) So this is it for now, will edit this post if more come in later.
Thanks so much Ladies!!


Susan said...

Wow! What a lot of happy mail you have received recently. So lucky!

Linda M. said...

JLMK if you need some more of the CB folders, Stacy!

I love the new ones.....sorry about enabling you. ;)