Blissfully Happy Mail...

This one came all the way across the big pond from England from Sue (Artyfarty) Sue i totally Love this esp how you tied the ribbon through the petal!
This one came to me from Shirleyjean Thanks Shirley! ( this was inside one of those plastic post office baggies but they only mangled the envelope the card and atc are just perfect! :) )
This one came to me from Sherri. ( I love flipflops) in my mind i call you Sherri~flipflops so i always have to stop and look it up... I love the little metal swimsuits what a fun thing to find. :)
This one also crossed the big pond from the UK and was made by Joan Lakeslady. (ahh i am so jealous that you and sue are stamping together...) I need a shakie to up and move to Oregon. this is gorgeous Sue Thanks!
This fun one made me laugh, pelican Popsicle is what i thought when i seen it, its from Angie (Shuggy) Thanks Angie!
This one arrived today from Canada from Countrycowgirl Donna, and i know i did not do it justice with the camera... but take my word for it its absolutely breathtaking in person. :)
The Ladies in the stamp shack have been flooding my mail box with thank-you cards and little treasures for being part of the creative team last year there. so, this is what has arrived so far. as more come in i will keep editing this post. This absolutely stunning tin and card came all the way from Alaska from Jan. Oh my gosh i am nearly speechless over this.
Look for your self.
real botanicals on this tin.
The inside was filled with treasures too, stamped PSX images in some of the flowers ( I want SOOO BAD) so watch for cards from them... and drum roll please wood blocks shinny brand spankin new blocks for stamps.
RAK Card from Tojoco, Joanne sent me this one.
RAK Card from SweetPea, this card from Mary was the very first one i received.
RAK Card from Suzanne, ( which has comments from stamp store owners wanting to know how she colored it...) so I gotta remember to ask when i see her snagging again... :)
Rak card from Sherry the stamp shack owner site owner. :)
This one is from Mimi, and Marie, i totally love how it opens (see below) shot it from another angle so you all could see too...
view from the top the right side does not open.
RAK Card from Maxiesmom ~ Kathy did this so pretty with these colors.
RAK Card from Loobylou ~ Sarah sent this all the way from down under. which just floors me and she's not the only one. :)
RAK Card from Suzi this is hard to see in the photo but this card is on a transparency cardstock sheet.
RAK Card from MidwestStamper ~ Lidia used such fun and unexpected colors for this one. :)
RAK Card from Dibby Debby also sent a card all the way from Australia too. I just love the layers arrangement on this one.
RAK Card from Firefly Sally sent me this, and its even better in person. a funny little side note Sally was also one of the first people to welcome me to the stamp shack when i first joined and made me feel welcome there.
RAK Card from ctinyjoy, Cheri sent a card with a wicked cool fold too (scroll down) to see it "open"
With the sides pulled open the center pops up. (almost like a grown up version of those little paper games girls used to play in the school yards. remember that lift this flap read the message inside. :)
RAK Card from CCstampin12 Joannie sent me this one and its in one of my most recent favorite colors. who knew i would find a shade of blue to fall for and wouldn't you know it its already been discontinued...


Far North said...

Congratulations on a wonderful as you complete the year on the Shack's Creative Team. Beautiful to see all your RAKs! Much deserved my friend!

Linda M. said...

What lovely cards, Stacy.

That altered tin is a great HAPPY MAIL item!!! That is a treasure indeed!!