ok so graces blood tests came back clean... she doesn't have any of the things that kill dogs quick once they start causing seizures... so, the best guess diagnosis is epilepsy and she's now on her first batch of pills. was told it could take a bit for her to adjust to the pills and she may weave around like a drunk dog for a while as that happens.. whew. so, the vet is calling around trying to find a dog orthodontist vet that is able to cap her teeth. her bottom jaw is too narrow to do the plate in the mouth thing. (which is less invasive and was the hoped for option) anyways, thanks for your prayers. :) more later, me

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Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

So glad to hear Grace's blood work came back clean!!!
She is a beauty... a special girl in your lives...

ps. How are you Stacy????