upcoming Valentines Class

So, Ive been having some trouble getting photos to load in here, its not that i have not been busy... Scrapbook studio finally got the pp from Friskars {that was ordered last nov.} last week, so i ended up making 5 quick cards with that and these are the three that made it into the January Class. top card has stickles glitter glue on the MM heart frame ( ha its so cold here it pops right off ) the lows in the am for tomorrow and the next day are guessed at 3 and 4 degrees. this card is 5X7 the frame is painted with ranger cream dauber paint then over stamped. thinking to take a small wallet sized photo to tuck into one corner of the inside frame (so that the pp still shows behind it)
This is the fun one for me, got new Punchies and the diamond paper crimper just after X-mas from Joanns online sale ( the store here may as well re-name it self as joanns fabrics not crafts haha) at any rate got free shipping too! :) I really like the red paper in the bottom one the best.
I'm going to post this one and try to upload some more. oh fun news too, the lady who bought the scrapbook garden has asked me to teach card classes in her store too. Havent answered her as yes or no yet though, because i dont know what she wants or what she expects or how she wants it to work, but basically when the store changed hands on the begining of the year the entire design team that Theresa had ( the old owner ) has quit. so, she has no ideas in the store or no teachers except for what she has done herself.
okay more later,

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Patty H. said...

Such beautiful, beautiful cards!