Teaching in Two stores...

So, I took the cards i made yesterday afternoon to the other store (Scrapbook garden) that asked me to teach there yesterday this afternoon. She is just really thrilled that she asked me. ( which i find funny since until today she had never seen a card i had made) and she has all of yesterdays cards on display in her store now. I have never signed anything with the first store that i would be "exclusive" to her store for teaching, since she knew when she first asked me that i also do other things such as sell cards on eBay and such... but, I have not told her that the other store has asked me to teach yet either. I told the other store that i have to read the details (esp numbers) so hopefully she will write me an email soon (nope still nothing for me to read as of yet) Its snowing like crazy here. (first time all winter) up until now its just been small flakes here and there that dont stick to anything. Its really cold too. fun thing is its not my turn to cook dinner either! :) We are planning to go over to Medford this weekend ( Kids neighbors big tree fell on her garage and back yard fence smooshed the fence {which she really needs because her boyfriend has mean dogs} so, Tim and his dad are going to re-install the fence and i am gonna take my mil shopping (yippee) havent been in a real stamp store since sept. so I am looking forward to that and will try to make time to hit the Micheals and Craft wearhouse, and the mall too... Gotta make a wish list too. know i need red brads. :) Have a good night!

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Yvonne said...


I was hoping you updated! Love the cards you did! I'm sure the classes will go well, too! Have fun shopping!