Still struggling with the Halloween themed cards...

I was fully prepared to upload them since I have taken the day off the latest cards i did over the last few days... however, I left them upstairs and they have not been scanned yet. so in the mean time. what else is new? J is still taking Swimming lessons and i have pretty much decided to buy the whole series, each time a level ends then i buy the next one up. It just makes more sense i guess and hopefully he will gain some confidence from the whole thing too. In the beginning it was oh no! i don't want to go and now it is I can't wait to go to the pool and if i say what are you thinking about the answer comes back as Swimming. ( which is cool ) I am also going to try to figure out the code things and see if i can add links and such to this blogs templates. Cathy sent me a link to a tutorial for this one so hopefully i will not go bald play with it. there is just not enough time in the day. I also have some birthday cards done. I out smarted my self last year and started an altered Rolodex file and then sorted it by the months with either birthdays or anniversaries and I have so many cards (because I made cards of my family in there with the swapped cards) I can't put them all into it and leave it open anymore so, that is the excuse why i am so far behind on cards this year...(its possible there are photos of this in this blog from last fallish sometime?) cant remember for sure though. So, the new plan is to buy a bigger one maybe a spinning one and have it powder coated green and then, ha! on a recent stamp store trek i picked up a stamp that says " Better late than Never!" which i think i will stamp on all the birthday card envelopes and send them out anyways... hee hee... so if i missed you this year, it doesn't mean that I don't have a card for you, it just means i didn't mail it yet... ( My whole ATC circle is late that way too ) sorry guys, but, i did get my this months cards in the mail on Monday so, you should start getting them soon. I have been internet shopping this morning. Mostly window shopping but, did send in one order for a couple of fall skirts and sweaters. Coldwatercreek.com is having a spend 100.00 save 25.00 coupon sale ( if you look in the outlet section there are things in there under 10.00) the code is WJH1515 ( you put it in during the check out and it takes the money off then) I have bought a few skirts from them so far this year that way, they opened a store about 80 miles from here and sometimes the real simple and Martha stewart mags have paper coupons in them too... oh there was my enabling plug for the morning... :) have a good day! ~Stac

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