September's Upcoming classes

Not sure if i posted these or not yet, some I may have already put at 2Peas... The first class in sept. is supposed to be "fall or autumn" cards and the one at the end of the month is supposed to be "Halloween" then the first class in October is supposed to be Christmas cards... so these are a few of the ideas i have started kicking around for that. the card above my first thoughts were that it needs something gold and metal on that red trim, but the only thing that comes to my mind so far that would work beautifully is i have an old real leaf dipped in gold that came from Grandma Joy and i don't want to stick that on this card, plus i cant duplicate it for the card packets either. but, if you have seen any metal or gold colored leafy charm type things please link me to them... :) This one i know i seen someone at 2 Peas post a card with this heart stamped on fabric of some kind a while back it was one of the cards that really pushed me into buying that stamp ( that I now use alot ) Its stamped on Burlap fabric from wal-mart in the card above. the red embossed paper is from a pack i picked up at Big Lots a few months ago and it was not labeled as to who made it. This one the trim on the side is to cover a blooper... ( remember these are proto-type cards ) I had the idea to put a sheer ribbon bow on that side of the card and the ribbon hole punch i used i got too close to the edge on one half so, the ribbon would not stay so then i added this trim to the top to cover the holes... This one the pumpkin window stamp is colored with markers and stickles glitter glue then the whole thing was turned into a page pebble type piece with diamond glaze on top. The Orange scalloped oval is a Giga size (purple) cleaver lever type Marvy punch that is just great, much easier to use than the old style punchies that some of they you may just have to put on the floor and step on to get them to punch. I think i will be collecting more of these in the future... Its Funny but, Halloween is a hard one for me, I don't know why its one of my favorite holidays to decorate for actually although last year since we moved here we only got one trick-or-treater. (at the old house i averaged between 80 something and 130 ish kids a year) (So guess who got stuck with way too much sugar in the house??) but, the thing is I don't send out Halloween cards or greetings so, card ideas is like hmmm, I may design a treat bag type thing or little tags that could be tied on treat baggies...Maybe a party invitation. not sure yet. It rained! it rained! It was almost un-believable. Its been so hot and dry here for so long now the rain was most welcome. Yesterday a huge branch broke off the plum tree in the front yard, its just been crazy how much fruit our trees have this year. Tim and James went fishing yesterday and caught a few huge trout. :) I'm headed up stairs to play before the heat kicks in so have a good one!

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Bianca Alonso said...

Your cards are great!! :)