potential submissions cards...

This stamp is just HUGE in real life... The happy birthday is up on a pop-dot. both of these cards are 5X7's. (there is no black on them but i keep a black Cardstock on my scanner so it blocks out the lid...)

This image just totally cracked me up the first time i seen it... I ended up getting it unmounted from the manufacture (which saved big bucks and allowed me to buy some of their hysterical sentiments at the same time...)

should have time to play some more tomorrow as Tim is going scouting for Turkeys...(you know the birds that hide? and occasionally run across the road when your on your way home after trekking around the mountain all day?)

One of the things i have been thinking about is submitting some cards... and so these are a couple i came up with today that i may mail in... Just gotta make time to figure out the charts for the backs of them... If they are picked up by the mag that i am thinking to send them to, the what you get is a copy of the mag they publish them into... so not a huge money making deal but may be something fun to see them in print...(not sure why)

I actually think most the cards i receive in the mail look better than some of the things Printed but, that could be due to a lack of submissions too though...???

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Tess said...

Stacy...what are we...twins....I just got that stamp last weekend at the HL 1/2 off sale. too funny....Great cards by the way...yes..you should submit them..Could be your 15 minutes of fame....lol. Well, you are always famous for me. So did you decide you to call...hee hee.. Hope you have a great day.