call me as soon as you get this... ha ha ha

so, yesterday i get this really cute card and envelope totally covered with FROGS from my sister in the mail... first line reads... Call me as soon as you get this... OK so which ever one of you reads this first feel free to explain the facts of life to LJLimaBean... no 1. if i pick up the handset on the phone, i will not know if i have a dial tone or a busy signal no.2 I will not hear it ring no. 3 I will not hear her voice or machine pick up. gee do you really think i should make my phone girl at the office call her or what? Next on the list of demands is the date we will take a vacation so that her husband can ask for time off and coordinate our joint vacations.. fact of life no (4oo98) we will not be taking any vacations until we have completely bought out Tims parents from the shop... for the half of a day we took off to travel to Portland for the ckc last month the threat (from the inlaws) was if we take any time off they are gonna flat out shut the shop down the entire time we are gone, they do not trust the workers to show up and work so, if we take time off our entire employees will also get the same time off work... OK so this is not good business and our workers never take vacations they take their vacation money and bank it and come to work. they cannot afford to take the paid time off so its not very fair to force them into unpaid time off... oh so plan for a vacation where we leave here in about 10 or 11 years OK? of course you are all welcome to bring your selves here... which is just totally we are not going to discuss this anymore... i did consider handing the phone to mil so that she could call all over the country and explain her self and her husbands paranoia but she is sick and retired so no telling when she may be dropping by the office again... and shes also probably right... (about everyone not working if Tim is not there to make them do it) oh and excuse the sarcasm, we also had a death in my mothers family (of which no one in my mothers family has bothered to write and tell me anything yet...) I'm totally positive that all the hearing people in the family have received phone calls and what not. (of course my husband got a call) oh and good news he actually remembered to tell me he got a call... (99% of the time he cant be bothered) so. whatcha think? who should i call first hmmm? hahahaha

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