Shepherds Spring Fair 2015

I am nearly always told after people want to see what is in the baskets... so, hopefully these are not too blurry. taken early Friday AM before it opened for the day. was a 10 hour day today and will be open again 9-5 on Saturday at Hosanna in Gatewood.
The long rectangular holders on the wall are from craft warehouse 5 years ago? ( not sure) the snowflake bronze colored ones are from a Princess House party. ( probably that many years ago too now) the cream round hangers were found at Kohls recently. ( so, of all of them that one has a possibility of being purchased) the suitcases and ladders are vintage.

These are those pretty flat 3" folding gift cards. in some kind of a wall hanging display box that was about the thickness of a printers drawer but, not old.

This top basket is fathers day cards, the one below it is pop up gift card holders the tray below that is tags that are not on the wall, folding gift cards that are 3 1/2" and 4" square ( they do not fit in the dividers of the tray above) and on the floor is some vintage jello molds with vintage clothing buttons in them.

what it looks like in the center.

and angled view.

This smaller ladder the basket on the top is holding boxed birthday cards. 
The basket below that is holding Graduation cards. the basket below that is holding Baby cards.

the bottom basket is fold over coffee themed ( to go cups) that hold a gift card under the ribbons there is a slot cut under the cup lid that a gift card can tuck into.

This is the smaller suitcase the left side of it is Thank you cards with some thinking of you and blank note cards. for the most part people do not buy blank cards from me they are very specific that if they want a birthday card it better say happy birthday ( on the front of it mind you) so, after some time goes buy sometimes I take these blank ones out and add a sentiment to them.
the right side is all the rest of the holidays in the year except Christmas ( which has two suitcases on its own and is at home)
what it looks like looking left. It was pretty quiet in here on friday and so, I think everyone is hopeful more people will make time to drop by on Saturday. now the walls them selves are stealing the show. every time I take them there people offer to buy them. so, I have a stack of hubs work cards on that table too.


KarinsArtScrap said...

it's looking great and I hope you sell well Stacy.
Gr Karin

Angie said...

Stacy, this is beautiful!!!! You are so talented!!! I am sure you sold out!!!

Leslie Springer said...

Your display is so Beautiful. Bet you will sell out!

Tammie Edgerton said...

Your display is absolutely beautiful, Stacy! You sure know how to dish out the eye candy! Good luck with your sale!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! Wow! WOW! Your booth is looking fabulous and you've spent some time and money on all your displays and it is so worth it. Just gorgeous!

Jeannie said...

I'm still checking out your blog...your display looks fabulous!

Jeannie T.
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