Dare to get Dirty {the aftermath}

There are 51 completed projects in these baskets

when the temperatures are so high I am keeping the curtains closed and using all the lights. someone was surprised that there are 3 shining on this table. there is also an ineffective overhead light. 

used the flash... the stamps and dies and scraps left out after finishing Lydia's second challenge. after this was shot I ended up poking around in the scraps pile and found this below.

the heart and star were cut earlier in the week and laying with this text pp and I considered using them for one of the other challenges and then discarded it because, it was not exactly what I think she wanted but, I left all this together because, I did like how it looked... and then I had seen the one of the  daily challenges ( either free for all or ways to use it was stripes ) and I remembered this as I was looking at the scraps and thought what the heck. this also fits with Teresa & Lee Ann's challenges so, it also went into the Dirty gallery. 

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