100 by 100 {day 1}

I am such a glutton for punishment... and laughing at myself that I have joined another challenge... this one should be much easier in the long run than last year's stamp to spend. this one is make 100 things in 100 days without going shopping from your stash... and of course I "need" more than 100 things before March 5th so, I suspect I will reach the goal in February this year, (crossing fingers) 
so anyways on this first day of this new year, here is my first one... it was done for the clean and simple challenge at splitcoast that this week is to go through Jen's gallery and find something to simplify and convert to a CAS design. which is more of a challenge than you would expect because, even on her earlier cards they have the bones of being CAS 
( no 5 pounder boxed things to be seen in her gallery~ which would have been too easy right?)
at any rate I found this one from 2008 and thought, I love this card, can you really make it cleaner?

It's a-2 in real life, eliminated the metals and some layers and the background stamp, moved the flooffy fibers catty corner down the card to that simple fiber bow and kept the colors and the theme similar. So, I think it worked and I think it will mail with one postage stamp too. :) 

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MiamiKel said...

You can do it! I joined the same challenge and at first it seemed rather daunting - good to aim towards a productive year :) Your card is GORGEOUS - what a beautiful color palette to work with and this card just shines! Beautiful!