Treasures Found

at an Estate sale a few weekends ago found all of these frogs in the same garage, and yep that largest round one on the bottom in the back is still in its wrapper. ( it's HUGE) the oval one on the right is the green sides of it are metal, and the hairpin one on the left is the first one of those I have ever found in this town. 

Now these I've had for a year, bought them with white acrylic paint on them which wasn't too bad but, it had red squiggles under it where the white did not cover that... So, J sand blasted these for me and because there are still some traces of the white paint I am still debating between green stain with some white distressing or brown stain with some green distressing or ( something) I think I am going to use these during the booth to hold tags, right now they are empty while I debate how to seal them. 

the texture of the Longfellow book is amazing, the jello molds are heart shaped and that basket stamp is from Hero Arts. 

now, its not a round one. still hunting for one of those but, this is smaller than all the other cases I have picked up and it was just too cute in this red to pass up for a dollar. thinking about turning it into a sewing case. 

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