Last Cherry

 So this pie cherry tree came with this house... and the last few summers its lost several large branches in the summer when its loaded with fruit... the birds got most of it picked clean this last week. and then tonight we got some thunder lightning and winds with the rain... and so. the left side split off first then the right followed a few minutes after.
since this is the last Cherry standing we've decided Cherry tree's are just not "US" and I think I'm gonna gamble with an granny smith apple next ( they are not supposed to do well here...) (and Cherries are)


Leigh Anne said...

awwww so sad to see a tree like that! but hmmmm, love me some granny smith apples :)

Linda Palmer said...

Stacy, so sorry you lost this Cherry Tree. The heat this year has been so hard on our trees here in Okla. They are dying, splitting and burning up.