Beware of Chick Magnets

Paper and Such Bucky ( red neck rooster) with an Art Impressions sentiment. colored with prisma pencils. sentiment ended up being a tad too wide for an 5X7 card so its bent and up a little in the center. ( tons of glue dots)
Just for laughs, did some other not fantasy things this week and will post them here and there. Yes I know there are people who are falling off their chairs that I bought clear stamps... So far so good, what I have done is removed them from all packaging and put them into tins ( blocks the light) what I found cleaning them is that using them on a scrub doesn't get the detailed ones clean but if i use a baby wipe on them right after they are not even staining ???) so hopefully. the only thing with the tin is that the first time you peel them out to use them its a little stressful ( they stick so well to the metal, I don't know if i will open these tins some time and find them all in a heap in it but, so far its not happening. now, I just need to hunt down a source for the tins again because, they are not all the rage at the moment and I'm thinking the clear dvd cases would not protect them from the light.
on another note, hubs told me at some point ( before i had 2 baskets full of unmounted cling rubber that at some point the dust and such on the cling would make them not stick, so far the only thing I am seeing is I have one set with the goofy monkeys they have stickers on the foam, they do not stick to the dvd cases, but all the others are still just fine. :) ( whew )


inkstazonme said...

Love it! Great card!

ThatOtherSharon said...

Stacy, I love this card, SOOOOO funny!!! I'll be curious to know about the tins you're using and how they work for you.

If they're not sticky for you, wash them with simple soap and water; it supposedly reactivates the cling. If not, you can put that green Tombow glue on the back of the stamp, let it DRY, then it's like a sticky note sticky.

BTW, could you use some wood mounts?!? Ran across some and need to send them to somebody!!! xoxoxo

Leigh Anne said...

super cute - BTW I have to advise NOT to stick them right to the metal... I bought some that were in a tin and guess what, some stuck to the tin permanently!!