New A Muse

A few weeks ago I won a brand spankin new A Muse catalog from Tamijo's Blog...And this particular set ( Dr.'s Orders) made me laugh out loud... ( so i put in an order) :) This particular one is 4" square in real life, stamped the image & sentiment on scraps with memento and added some copic over the top of the cork and hearts. that was a scrap of ribbon too small to use. The base is the black paper from A Muse in the "fall" asst. package, fun thing its white inside so I did not have to line it. ( but, its not heavy duty so, I'm thinking it will work better for CAS cards. did this one color wise for a "guy" and then did the one below for fun... This one I colored over the hearts with an mica pen, that didn't do much, so outlined the hearts with the same pen... that didn't POP them much either so, added some Christmas Red Stickles to the centers of the hearts and then ended up coloring the whole bottle with an pale pale blue copic. added some tan to the cork. May Arts ribbon, don't remember who makes the pp. the card base is oatmeal speckletone. Both of these cards have the other sentiment from the set "get well soon" stamped on the insides. Interesting comparison. the top dvd case is from A Muse, the bottom is from SU. The cases are nearly the same EXCEPT the part where your fingers go to open and close them the su one has curves and the A Muse one is more square. but, the big difference is those latches. (I have many many many of the su cases and most are perfectly fine) but, they close picky, and some do not stay latched no matter how many times you close them. the latches on the A Muse cases are a more sturdy, less flexible and you can just snap the case shut without fussing with it. a top side view to see the finger openings, but picked up a reflection off the glass of the desk. But you get the idea right. ( I will be getting more of these for all my unmounted rubbers I've been buying. I like the uniform-ness of these size of a case, and rumor is that the SU ones are going up when they get a new book again. I don't have a new book and don't remember who said that one. )

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Shirley said...

Really fun cards!!