odds and ends...(Easter Photos)

Okay not your typical Easter shoot... we had some play time after lunch before we were supposed to head over to Tim's parents house yesterday afternoon & J wanted to practice driving... and the missing polarizer filter for the fixed 500MM arrived in the mail a week or two ago... so it was basically any excuse to head back to the wild life refuge. ( figured we'd have the place to ourselves on a holiday) (mostly did) wind was whipping. the part of the drive that goes near where the eagles nest is closed now ( since they are nesting) ( This is what J wanted to see most) and so he was bored and we didn't see too much wildlife. This was shot with an 100-500MM sigma lens. at about 500MM f/32 1600ISO 1/125 second. this is natural light, has not been tampered with electronically just cropped. was trying for a "landscape" not sure this really works but, there are a few ducks or geese about halfway up on the right side of this shot... 1/400 of a second, f22 ISO400 at 50MM. J does not have the patience to drive slowly and stop nicely (without startling the birds ) yet.. so we will have to try this again soon ( when he's to busy to want to drive) haha. sneaky hubs shot these with the fixed 500mm and a 2X teleconverter and a polarizer filter.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I love the nature photos. Wow! must have been really windy where you were.

Practice driving?! I will be having to deal/cope with that in a couple of years, too.

I love the photos of you with the camera.