Easter Weekend

So, now i know why i set last years watercolor paper aside that i had used the paas egg dye on... it smells like vinegar when your done... lol some things i did this year... which need to be fumigated.
Last year i had used an paint brush and dipped it into the bowls of dye and painted it randomly on full sheets of watercolor paper... this year i took Manila shipping tags and quarter sheet sizes of watercolor paper and dipped them into the bowls of dye... so of course i had really pretty fingers when i was done.. :)
Easter gifts from Alice.. the handmade paper basket is filled with chocolates under my fav gum...
My secret bunny for the PIF exchange was basketbrains and as you can see she went all out for this... Thanks stuffy.
hope you all had a blessed Easter too, on another note Grace is sick again and headed back to the vets tomorrow am.


Linda M. said...

Great Easter egg colors.

Amazing that you kept the papers from last year, too, Stacy. Vinegar almost always never disappears over time.

I have some paper that I used the egg dye....still smells like it after 5 yrs!!!

Linda M. said...

By the way,

Great basket stash!!!

I hope the vet office trip goes well.

How is the iPod thing going?