computer virus

our household desk top is in the repair shop with an computer virus. so, i am checking mail on the Internet... and on other computers... so, if you are family and you want to hear from me you need to email me first so i can add your email address to the other computers haha. Mom, got the box today. am planning on going through these disc's asap. curious about how you use the friskar plates too... Lori needs to be told that although my cell phone has a camera in it it does not have a photo package and when i clicked on the (numerous) photos she sent last week the phone does not open them says connecting connecting and does nothing... so, she needs to send photos to a computer and words (text messages) to the phone. she is not being ignored but, Tim did tell her this and she does not do it that way... so? have lots of photos (some happy mail some things i did working around the mess) (my closet shelves in the hobby room collapsed sometime during the night the day before my birthday so my closet contents are scattered around the hobby room so my closet could be completely empty to be worked in.) but, have to install photo editing software in this puter too... so, this blog will probably be very quiet until i get things more into this particular computer.


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh for Pete's sake! Hang in there girl! How scary on the collapsing closet/cabinet shelves! Goodness!

And.. the trolls have landed! They arrived today and they just crack me up! I am looking forward to doing something totally 'wild' with these babies!!!

Take care..

Fink said...

Hum maybe the craft ferry is telling you you need new stuff for your birthday!