The Puppies were born!

We've been on a waiting list for a female (black) lab puppy since we got Storm last spring. So today we were told by the breeders that the batch of puppies born there is only one black one, but 4 yellow ones in the litter, and one person who was ahead of us on the list is holding out for a black one, so we get third pick of the yellow females. So, this is exciting. I have an ear appointment this coming friday so, we cant go to CA to meet the puppies till the weekend after, but we've never seen them this small before either, so I'm for sure going to take a camera. ( Oh, it will be months before we can bring her home, but its cool to think we all get to meet her before that) :) oh yeah on the hearing front Ive decided one of my favorite sounds is Laughter. I instantly know what that is as soon as i hear it, even on t.v shows that may be playing that I'm not watching. so that is interesting to me that some sounds i am knowing what they are without looking...


Jennifer said...

I feel your excitement! Keep the info coming!!

~ Jennifer

ThatOtherSharon said...

Well, laughter is one of my favorite sounds, too, always has been. Best when coming from a 2 or 3-year-old kid who's just tickled beyond belief. There's no other laughter like that one!!!