It's got to be Nap time somewhere right?!?

Hee hee... I know I have not posted anything recently, just the usual going on, made a fathers day card last friday for a beyond the basic's dry embossing card call... who knows? think they won't email people if they want their cards till mid december, so theres still a little time to do a few more. (maybe tomorrow) Just finished cleaning and drying all the china on the bakers rack. Whew. (I didn't bother to dust it all summer when the windows were open right next to it...) now all i need to do is plan a menu and shop and we will be all set for Turkey day. I drove over to Medford yesterday and seen Debbie R. that was a really good thing for me i have not seen her in person for over a year or so? I am *almost* done with my X-mas shopping too! Tomorrows plans include more card making in the afternoon and Alice is going to come by and play too. that should be interesting. :) Still taking the sign classes there's a few weeks left i think, still have to make up sentences to do next tuesday. (every class everyone who shows up has to do 5 sentences for the class) and then to try to keep it understandable we are supposed to take words from the parts of the book we have gone over in class... (which is not always possible because sometimes you need a word that we have not learned yet) So, Tim got me a dictionary... so the hard part is not learning the signs its thinking of what to say from the words we mostly *know* or in other words have seen signed once... lol (so when i talk, its just like this you know, all the sentences start with SO) Next week J has 5 days off from school in a row... Yikes! so far i have planned one day (sat) for him to have a buddy over from his old school so he's looking forward to that. I'm hoping to go to just one store on black friday and then get the tree up and done that day. Tim is like oh no!!... :) but, part of me is learry about it as CAT thinks we only decorate for his amusement... so far not much has not been nibbled on or re-arranged or dragged from one end of the house to the other.

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Patty H. said...

Cats are so funny and they do love for you to decorate a Christmas tree for them. LOL